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Malin Malata Igilunata - Song Chords

Song Title Malin Malata Igilunata
Artist Name Sunil Edirisinghe
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 120

| D | -  | - | -  |
| D | G | D| -  |
| D | G |A7| D |

D      G         D           D7             G
Malin malata igilunata samanalain nowei
C                    G                A7                      D
Api malin male peni iruwata wana bambarun nowei //
[Verse 1]

D                               G
Hithe ginna awulagena hurathal podi ewnne
D               G               A7                    D
Kuse ginna sanahannai athure piya maninne
D                                G
Malata kalin api thelilay puudina mala thalanne
D7   C        G            A     A7                     D
Ape dukata handana male kandulai peni erenne
[Verse 2]

D                                    G
Ahasin wadina pina lebilai uda sakman karanne
D                 G                 A7                     D
Pelahara pannai this peya guwane seri saranne
D                                        G
Nethi beri kamai udu hulange lanu depoten wenenne
D7         C         G      A           A7                     D
Saudiya purana maha polowata api dadhiya waranne 

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