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Maha Wessak - Song Chords

Song Title Maha Wessak
Artist Name Sunil Edirisinghe
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 93

| D  |A  | D  | A |
|Dm|Bb |Dm| -  |
|Dm|Gm| -  | F  |
|Dm|Eb |Cm|Dm|

Dm          F              Dm                        C
Maha wessak bimata hala nidahas ahasak se
C                     G           Dm
Oba nisol mane epa hindinna
Am                C                   Am      Dm
Obe nihanada bawa mata ba darana inna
Dm  C                 Dm         Gm           C
Ane thawatikakin hina wela katha karanna
Dm              C                   D        Dm 
Obe nihanda bawa mata ba darana inna
[Verse 1]

Dm                   Gm                    Dm
Wirasaka susum mahagei pura asenne
Gm                            F                              
Kawulu dorin geta ena nidi nethi atawaka sanda
Dm                            C           Dm
Thani yahane saradam rata wiyanne
[Verse 2]

Dm                Gm                         Dm
Wisa katu enii aa thura wuu sithata obe
Gm                          F
Oba mata kiya dunna seth kawiyak kiyanna
Dm                         C               Dm
Niweradi minisun koi desada ipadune

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