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Banen Banda - Song Chords

Song Title Banen Banda
Artist Name Sunil Edirisinghe
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 112

| D |D7| D | -  |
| D | C | D | -  |
| D | G | -  | D |
| C | G | D |  - |

D                       G    D     G  D
Banen benda rajarata pedesinne
C                    Am         D
Kochchiye hira geya lega enne
D                         G              D
Pihiye muwahatha gela sinda ganne
D            A             A7              D
Udayama mee kaya nisasala wanne
[Verse 1]

Ege kiren bodiya dhowanne
Dm    Gm             C               Dm      
Ugen medu batha danata pudanne //
D                                            G
Ungema hama bera hadata badinne
D            C           D
Un bendi gel nega pansal yanne
[Verse 2]

Kiri rasa danno mawu hadunanno
Dm          Gm    C               Dm      
Bath rasa danno keth hadunanno //
D                                             G
Bath saha kiri rasa dekama nodanno
D           C             D
Minisath bawa leba kumata upanno
[Chorus 2]

D        Bb                           G
Le kiri ayithiya wahu petiyanne
C                                       Dm
Dam sathwala gala weti bidenne
C                   G   
Aee kiri udura biwu minisunne
D             C           D
Hith wala aey kala guna noredenne

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