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Eda Wage Sanda Peyu - Song Chords

Song Title Eda Wage Sanda Peyu
Artist Name TM Jayarathna
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 157

 Fm   E    Eb     E   
 Fm   C#   Bbm    Fm  


Fm             Ab     Fm
eda wage sanda peayuu dinayaka
C          Ab           Fm
eda wage seethala thuru sewanaka
     C#    Bbm
obe unsume  dinak redennata 
Fm      C       Ab          Fm
waram lebeawa..  yali mathu dinayaka


 Fm        C#   Bbm  
 Eb        Ab       
 Bbm   Eb   C     Fm  

[1st Verse]

C        Fm              Ab
nisasala sewanaka adawan andure
        Bbm     Fm
lowen muwa wunu apema lowakata
Fm           F         C# Fm
obe senehase suwanda widinnata
Bbm     Ab      C        Fm
waram lebeawa.. yali piwisennata

[2nd Verse]

C       Fm                 Ab
dahasak gini mel nimbadawa sasalen
     Bbm     Fm
obe ahinsaka neth sanahannata
Fm                F     C#   Fm
mohothak maa neth piyawnnata pera
Bbm     Ab     C        Fm
waram lebewa.. yali lan wennata

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