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Amma Sandaki - Song Chords

Song Title Amma Sandaki
Artist Name TM Jayarathna
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 110


 D    D   


G                        Am
Amma sandaki mama e lowa hiruya ridee
G            D            G
E ira handin numbe lokaya eliya wuni
        Ebaug   E7           Am
Rekumata puthun diwiye duk geheta windi
D               D7          G
Piya senehasata kawi gee liyawuna madi


G                      Am
Sirure duwanne mage le nowe puthune
G            D              G
Kusaye nodaruwath diwi bara mata denune..
         Ebaug E7            Am
Maha merakata usai daru pema hada pathule
D               D7           G
pudumai puthuni kima mage le kiri nowune


G                            Am
Mawakata muwawee numba wetha diri dunne
G                 D          G
Mama wemi puthuni eya ma pamanai danne
         Ebaug  E7             Am
Piya senehasa nethida daruwani handunanne
D         D7             G
Ammawarun pamanada mathu buduwanne

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