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Aradana Nethagin - Song Chords

Song Title Aradana Nethagin
Artist Name Tehan Perera
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 111

| E | B   | A | B |
| E |Abm| E | B |

E                          C#m                            A         Ab7        C#m   
Sansun sithin pera maga indiy balan mage rana hansiee dooo kiya
E                               C#m
Dew lowa idan numba mata atha wanan
A                        Am          E
Mage pathiniyani adarei me maa
[Verse 1]

E             Abm                  C#m      B                   A   
Aradhana nethangin ghena sansara sihine dehada ya kala
E                 Abm            C#m         B                   A   
Hanga gena mal athurala dewliya mage koheda hengila
C#m            Abm          A              B
Oya dekopul thema ran naa dalu sibin
C#m                 Abm                  A       B
Mama denuwan wasa numba ahasin wadin nnnnnnnnnn

|C#m|Abm|A | B  |
|C#m|Abm|A |Am |
|Am  | E    | +| +  |
[Verse 2]

E                    Abm                 C#m         B                  A   
Husmath unui kanduluth hadai mata inna baa harima palui
E                         Abm             C#m            B                  A   
Matakaya numba etakota dukai diwi gewena waado hari sekai
C#m       Abm    A              B
Me kulu mathin ridi ira numbai
C#m      Abm                  A         B
Man dannawa numba noyena hedai eeeeeeeeeeeeee

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