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Sepalika Tele Drama Theme Song - Song Chords

Song Title Sepalika Tele Drama Theme Song
Artist Name Theekshana Anuradha
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 170
      Am	 G		   C	    Am
Hitha ananthayata dura ragena gihin
Nethu piyan pura numba ruwama awith
     Dm				   C	     G
Mudu sihil pahan numbe suwadha genath__Hmmmm
		Em		       G
Numba Matath horen_nnnnnnnnn
Mage hithama aran


Am    F     
G     Em    


Sepaaalikaaa ..Hmmmmmm
Sepaaalikaaa ...Hmmmmmm
Sepaaaalika ....

[Verse 2]

      Am            G
Sanda Mandale Sanda Kan madin
      C            G       
Numba hanguna mathakai sarayak
      Dm              C     G
Muthu wal wage...Diya ral dige..eeeeee
G     Em            G
Numba dura giyaaa.....
Thawa eka dawasak


[Verse 2]

    Am	         G
Nil ambare, Hada hangamin
      C	             G
Numba Hinehuna, Mathakai Thawamath
     Dm	        C        G
Hada mandire, Doragul harimin..nnnnn
G	Em	       G
Man Pem Kare...eeeee
	C        Am	
Obatai Kawadath

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