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Wassanayata Atha - Song Chords

Song Title Wassanayata Atha
Artist Name Umariya Sinhawansa
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 105

|C#  | - | - | - |
|Bbm| - | - | - |

C#                 Ab             Fm
Wassanayata atha wanala imu maga balan
C#                                 Ebm
Uddyanayaka kelawarata wee
Bbm             Fm        Eb
Oba aethin indan innawada rattharan
Eb                    Ab          C#     
Man gaawinma unuhuma nodi
[Verse 1]

C#                                    Ebm
Haadu dena wesse dedunna assse
Ab                                 C#
Api paawemuda thurulatama we
C#                                 Ebm
Obe as asse man maawa  dekke
Ab                                 C#
Sansaarayama mama numbage wee
Ebm                              Ab 
Thawa athin indan innawada raththran
Ab                 F#             C#
Sansaarayama meya mata nodi
[Verse 2]

C#                                      Ebm
Weta kadulu asse mal pipunu pisse
Ab                                   C#
Api hengemuda unuhumata wee
C#                                       Ebm
Samanallu passe duwa penapu kaale
Ab                                            C#
Den mata denna numba magema wee
Ebm                                          Ab 
Aye ethin indan oya tharam rattharan
Ab                  F#               C#
Man aawothda numba mata himi

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