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Sinaha Ko Dan Heenaye - Song Chords

Song Title Sinaha Ko Dan Heenaye
Artist Name Umariya Sinhawansa
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 147

C#           Fm                C# |Ab|
Sinaha ko dan nnn heenaye       
C#           Fm            C#
Gan there ma aa paluwe
C#      Fm   Cm  Eb            C#
Soya enne dooo mulu jeewethe
C#            Fm                           C          Fm
Taniwa hadana aaaaa pem heenaye eeeeeee
Fm           Cm                Eb            C#
Susum danune thawara mulu jeewethe

|C#| -|Fm | - |
|Cm|- |C# | - |
|C#| -|Fm | -  |
|Cm|- |Eb | -  |
|C#| -|+   |+  |
[Verse 1]

C#               Fm            C#                    Fm            C#
Vihanga gee dennn rew didi dawai maaa raye thanikame
C#      Fm         Cm      Eb            C#
Soya enne eee dooooo mulu jeewethe eeeee
C#             Fm  C#        
Hadehi rendena sith kama obe
Fm           Cm            Eb             C#      
Sithe bendune tibuna mulu jeewethe
C#                  Fm            C# | Ab |
Pathuma maa gilihi thun hithe
C#           Fm          C#
Maa obe maaa jeewethe
C#      Fm  Cm   Eb             C#
Soya enne dooo mulu jeewethe
C#           Fm        C#
Awadi karawa aaa apge lowe
Fm              Cm             Eb            C# 
Kandulu salamin herada mulu jeewethe
C#             Fm        C#
Taniwa hadana aaa pem heenaye
Fm           Cm               Eb             C# 
Susum danune thawara mulu jeewethe 

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