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Me Mahathma Sangramaye - Song Chords

Song Title Me Mahathma Sangramaye
Artist Name Bathiya n Santhush
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 68




B              E
Me mahathma sangramaye
Suhadathawaya beda  Abhisheka laba
Rata dinanawa
E apa sihinayayi

Verse 1

B                E              B
E suba sihina thula  Wishwase atha
           E                 F#
Wishwase matha  Shakthiyada we
           E           G#m
Peratama yana  Abimanaye
               F# F#7
Athi dairayayi me

Verse 1

B       E          B
Ithihasaya padam pothe 
  E            F#
96 mathake thiye
       E           G#m         F#
Liyannata yali e pothe  Adambaren
Mathakayan ape

End Chorus

B             E
Sri lanka janathawage
Sihine gana sitha  Kusalane kara
Yana gamanata
F#7       B
Ashirwada we


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