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Gilem Oba Guna - Song Chords

Song Title Gilem Oba Guna
Artist Name W D Amaradewa
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 75


Cm     Bb
Gilem obe guna mude
Fm             Cm
wandim obe dam sare
Cm                Gm
wandim wandim obe pada
Eb                 Fm
thilo aga budu samide
          Eb       Cm
thilo aga budu samide

[Verse 1]

sinda binda mohadura papa
sinda binda mohadura papa
Cm             Bb
dalwu pahan pradeepa
Eb             Cm
daluw pahan pradeepa
Cm                 Gm
heli kala apa hela deepa
Eb                 Fm
thilo aga budu samide
Fm       Eb       Cm
thlo aga budu samide


Gm     Fm   Cm  
Fm         Bb 
Eb         Cm 

[Verse 2]
silgath gihidun sema
silgath ginidun sema
Cm               Bb
sil theda guna athi soma
Eb               Cm
sil theda guna athi soma
Cm               Gm
sathahata pa maw prema
Eb                 Fm
thilo aga budu samide
Fm        Eb       Cm
thilo aga budu samide

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