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Aradhana - Song Chords

Song Title Aradhana
Artist Name W D Amaradewa
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 130

 A   Bm  A   Bm 
 A   Bm  A   F#m
 A   F#m 


A                              G   D
jeewithaye thani mansala atharaman wela
G          D                          A
hudekalawa susum helana atharaka thanaha
A         Bm            E                E7   A 
atheethaye gilihee giya sathuta regena yali wadinna
A    D    Bm    E           A 
Aa...radhana.......   Aa....radhana..

[1st Inter]

 E      A     
 Bm     G   Bm 

[1st Verse]

A                             G    A
nelu supem ketayam ada pawuru thalawea
A          F#m               D        Bm
mekee giyadoo...   o....oo.. o........o...
A    C#     A
kaalaye werale
D          A           D   A      A
jeevithaye digu gamane anaatha wu daa
A        E                       A
senehaye sath piyuman yalidu pipewa
A    D    Bm    E           A 
Aa...radhana.......   Aa....radhana..

[2nd Inter]

 A      Bm    
 A      E     

[2nd Verse]

A                                 G     A
eda singithi kiri suwadin, yuga diwi aranea
A        F#m                   D        Bm
obe unusume  ... ea........ea...
A      C#    A
yalidu upannemu
D           A            D     A       A
penunu ewan raja dahanen samugena yana daa
A         E                       A
obe nuwan pahanin yali eliya lebeawa
A    D    Bm    E           A 
Aa...radhana.......   Aa....radhana..

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