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Kiri Kodu Hithata - Song Chords

Song Title Kiri Kodu Hithata
Artist Name Bathiya n Santhush
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 181


     G            Bm         C          D
Kiri kodu hithata aala numbe deasa yaa una
     G           Bm            C           D
Mage kola kamata lola hanguma, numbata pewuna
[Tamil Chorus]
Em   Bm   C   D
Em   Bm   C   D
[Verse 1]

G       Bm   Am       D         G         Bm
Supem nuwan, wimasawi rea diwa, oba roo andun
Am         D    
Dasunin, durai kiya..
[Tamil Verse]
G  Bm   Am   D
G  Bm   Am   D
Em         D    C         D
Mathu ma pathu, kisiwak nowe,
Em        Am     D
senaseema we aadare
[Verse 2]

[Tamil Verse]
G   Bm   Am   D
G   Bm   Am   D
G        Bm  Am       D        G         Bm
Oba me pidu, sewanema aandila, mage jeewithe
Am            D
Nawathiwi pasina
[Tamil Verse]
Em   D    C   D
Em   Am   D   


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