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Kavikariye - Song Chords

Song Title Kavikariye
Artist Name Bathiya n Santhush
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 173

|BM7|+|+|+| ////

B                             C#m
Kawikariye kawikariye mata haadu dee mata hadu dee
F#                                 B
Oba dasa mane heena wassane
B                                    C#m
Mayam katha aayam katha mulu rama wehee mulu rama wehee
F#                                  B
Oba koola dase patali maa inne
F#                                 B      F#                   
Ape adare den kavi pelak wage ape adare den kawi pelak

| B  | -  |C#m| -    |
|F# | -  | B    | -    | //
| B  | -  | F#  |C#m|
|F#  | - | B    | -    |
|BM7| - |  -    | -    |
[Verse 1]

B                                                        E    B
Unuhuma winda winda siyolanga rendune maaya
B                                               E   B
Satthai landune aawe sandawatha paaya
F#             Abm          F#       Abm
Sarageee nuwan chaya hade dalwila maaa
C#m            F#        B
Obai maage pem wassaane eeeeeeeeeeeee //
[Verse 2]

B                                                         E   B
Unuhuma winda winda dethole henguman paala
B                                           E   B
Ra nidi diwwe kopule renguman deela
F#             Abm           F#              Abm
Nura geee belum seena dasun math kala maa
C#m            F#         B
Awith needa pem wassane eeeeeeeeeee

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