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Gum Nade - Song Chords

Song Title Gum Nade
Artist Name Bathiya n Santhush
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 104
 (Na Na Na)
 G Am C D
 G Am C G 

 G         Am         C          D
 Gum naade renin rene mee messan renak se
 G     Am              C        G
 Akase aththatu wihida igilenne santhose
 G         Am            C          D
 Sith yaye sith mal pidi mal mee do wehenne
 G           Am           C         G
 Heenen dutu paradeesaye, sithatmdo diswane

 [Verse 1]
 G                    C  
 Ganga diye seethe , diya wel serai
 Am                    D7         G
 Paawee noya oya waage unnoth hondai
 G                      C
 Peawata sithse daskam dangakarakan
 Am                    D7       G
 Ma gaawa innai kiwwe hera modakam
    C                        G
 Me nidahase geethayen hitha hinehe prithiyen
      Am                        D7          G
 Mulu lowa pea aadaren saththai,  lebei jiwithe

 [Verse 2]
 G                             C
 Hadda kele kawurun, rahasin ebei
 Am                      D7       G
 Hengi bala oya kawudei lanwee kiyan
 G                     C
 Kolamada sellam kale hari nadagam
 Am                   D7        G
 Ma gaawa innai kiwwe hera modakam
    C                    G
 Me manaram yamaye hitha piruna jeewayen
      Am                         D7        G
 Mulu lowa pea aadaren saththai, lebei jiwithe


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