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Dedunna Sedi ft Asha Bhosle - Song Chords

Song Title Dedunna Sedi ft Asha Bhosle
Artist Name Bathiya n Santhush
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 96
 E            F#m                 
 Dedunna sedi Waa nilla uthura 
 A      B      C#m        B
 La dam ahasin wassak watuna
 E               F#m              
 Manamali wee aa hada ginna aula 
 A        B      A            E
 pita gam yanawa boda wee penuna
 A       B       A       B          
 Bale idala hada badi adare  
      A           B    F#m     B
 Gela ran thala nobadi awasan une
 A        B      A        B         
 Kale gewila man gama aadine 
     A        B      F#m      B
 Aya karakara badala nokiya giye
E            F#m                 
 Dedunna sedi Waa nilla uthura 
 A      B      C#m        E
 La dam ahasin wassak watuna

[Verse 1]
 E            Abm        
 Madan kalawe ladu owitedi 
 F#m           B
 bale idan kee kavi geethika
 E            Abm       
 Pawee giyawe sulage welila 
 C#m         B
 ale namin u hada gee maka
        F#m      B 
 Nosithuse..... adaramal pethi wisirei
       F#m        B
 sitha walape Suhade....
     F#m        B                    F#m
 Nopathuse..... yayuthuwai me iranam gamane
 kadulin mese...

 [Verse 2]
 E            Abm          F#m
 Baledi walle waw thauledi diura hadin 
 a baha dun nisa
 E            Abm           C#m         B
 Dasin mahoge uthura galu e dore galuda badi adare
       F#m      B
 thani u da.... mapiya senehasatai 
      F#m        B
 hisa namune rahase...
     F#m            B
 Nopathuda.... ma hadadewuluwa harayannam
 F#m    B
 mihire tharu as wasi...


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