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Apatai Me Mihithale - Song Chords

Song Title Apatai Me Mihithale
Artist Name Bathiya n Santhush
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 177


Ab .....
[Verse 1]

Sulangak hama yai dasathe
Gena ei sobadam
    Fm                           C#        Eb
Negena e ridmayai lowe wididena, suwayamai lo thale
Wana mal sugandayai pethirena
Thuru latha mathui e pibidena
Palasak helu se penena
    C#         Eb
Nil wan wanayai wihidena

   Ab     Eb
Apatai me mihithale
     Bbm         Fm
Mawa we apa diwi saagare
     Bbm       Fm
Wedu meniyai se pudana
C#        Eb
Lokayai sobadamai
[Verse 2]

Wihagun gee nadin arembena
Wikasitha malin muthu keta wena
Pinibinduwai hiru kirena didulana
Eb        F
Warusawai lowama nahanawa
Wana sathun suwase gewasena
Pala baritha athu pathara sengawena
Dinayaki mewan lokayata pidena
Eb          F
Thilinayai sthutina..

   Bb     F
Apatai me mihithale
     Cm         Gm
Mawa we apa diwi saagare
     Cm        Gm
Wedu meniyai se pudana
Eb        F
Lokayai sobadamai


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