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Kello Kollo Me Degollo - Song Chords

Song Title Kello Kollo Me Degollo
Artist Name Billy Fernando
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 168

 [ A       
   E    E7 A ] 

 Den kaale kellanta kollanta
 E                  A
 Love eka gahala ne oluwata //
 Kello kollo, me degollo //
 E                              A
 lova lova lova ..... mala ilav

 E iridata palliye wattha miss unoth
 Poyata pansala watthe...
 Poyata pansala wattha miss unoth
 E7                    A
 Hawasata gallface eka patthe
 Hawasata gallface eka pattha miss unoth
 Iridata palliya watthe
 Iridata palliya wattha miss unoth
 Gal kisse gal asse...

 Deva mandire kadira kowile,
 Pera hera bera handa medde

 Thambili kurumba kadala karatthe
 E7               A
 Thiyannawath ida natthe

 Pavement eka ane badu aran wage
 Aale karannata raale

 Mehema thamai me kaale hitagena
 Love karanne api paare


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