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Ra Pel Rekala - Song Chords

Song Title Ra Pel Rekala
Artist Name CT Fernando
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 71

[ C    G  C ] 


C        Am   G        C 
Ra pal rakala pal kawi kiyala
           A         Dm
Nidi nathi denetha barai
G                F         C
Wehesa niwannata thuruliya nalawa
Dm       G7       C
Ena mada pawana suwai //

[Inter 1 & 2]

 Am  Em  F  C 
  G   C  G  C  
 Am  Em  F  C 
  G     G7 C 

[Verse 1]
C              G         F
Bol pini makala hiru ras wetila
G        G7      C
Manik  lesin Dilise
Mata baha dun da
Wiliyen ambarena
G                C
Menike kenek wilase
              G        F
Meda sere kurahan kiri wetila
G       G7        C
Sulange lela denawa
Kumbuken nagena
C        A
warala wida yana
G                C
Manikewa sihiwenawa

[Verse 2]

C               G     F
Gowithan saarai, eken na nowa
G        G7   C        
Athamita adupadu
paladannam gela
Maala sawan uga
G             C
lelawam ranthodu
                 G        F
Ge podiyeth weda, pola awasan muth
G      G7    C
Eliyak edi nane
me kannayedima
C       A
Asawanu kapuwama,
Dm      G     C
maniketh enawane 

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