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Piyumehi Panibothi Wana - Song Chords

Song Title Piyumehi Panibothi Wana
Artist Name CT Fernando
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 119
  G  F# E  D 
  G  F# E  D 
  G    Em  
  D    G   
  G    Em  

 G                   D7        G
 Piyumehi pani bothi vana bambaru
 C            Am7      D        G
 Mala matha norandethi kalu debaru
 G               D     Am
 Dahawal nodilei ambare tharu
 D      C        D7      G
 Avarin nonagei nagena hiru //
  G    C   
  D  C  G   
  G    C   
  C  G  D  G 

 [Verse 1]
 G                 G7    C
 Kusagini hadunata indul nokaw
 Am                  C     G
 Thanakola nobudithi sinha pataw //
 G                 Am
 honda mal nopipei giri muduney
 D                 D7     G
 gava thel nodamai ran banduney // 

 [Verse 2]
 G                G7     C
 gayuwata imihiri padha uputaa
 Am                C     G
 kowuleku venavada kalu kaputaa //
 G                 Am
 sudu paha hariye kawuda kire
 D                  D7  G
 muthu nobandiy giraviyage karee //


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