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Ambili Mame - Song Chords

Song Title Ambili Mame
Artist Name CT Fernando
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 97

F           C               F
 Ambili mame oba mokada karanne... //
 Bb         F          C          F
 Pulun wala yatin idan ebila balanne..


F                           Bb   F
 Watin pitin adenne muna obe pisinne
           C         Bb          F 
 Seda yoda sadu wala saluda kiyanne....
             Bb Gm          F
 [Patha balanne muwa wihidanne
 Bb         F         C          F
 Ridee sina papa melo eliya karanne]//

 Ambili mame oba.....


F                                Bb   F
 Sisil sulan hamanne kumudu saman pipenne
             C            Bb          F
 Anduru kala dasatha bala panala duwanne
               Bb Gm           F
 [Thuru nalawenne suwanda hamanne
 Bb          F         C           F
 Kusum thala renu gala bima sarasanne]//

 Ambili mame oba....


F                               Bb   F
 Siyal sathun nidanne suran melo wadinne
            C          Bb         F 
 Guwan kuse manik rase oba sarasanne
              Bb Gm         F 
 [Sirasa sadanne ras paladanne
 Bb          F          C         F
 Supun sande oba nibade lo pubudanne]//

 Ambili mame oba...

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