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Snehaye Nagarayai Sitha Mage - Song Chords

Song Title Snehaye Nagarayai Sitha Mage
Artist Name Amarasiri Peiris
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 168
[Intro/Inter 12]

 Fm  Bb Ab Fm


Fm      Eb        Ab      
Snehaye nagarayay sitha mage
Fm       Cm      Fm
mawathak ho nowu ragaye
     F               Bb
wandanawe gihin inna asay matath
     Ab      Eb        Fm
koi isawweda ee meth pure.....

[Verse 1]

     Ab                 Fm
yauwane nil nuwan se rendee
ran malak weda hada salwane
neth pahan dalwala
sith sandun dum dama
               Eb     Fm
ran sina paami poojasane..


[Verse 2]

     Ab               Fm
Me nawathen gewa athmaye
yanathura milina wee mathu dine
senehase sihi namin
dowana se yadimi man
             Eb      Fm
poojaneeyay uthum adare...

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