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Ranwan Maldam - Song Chords

Song Title Ranwan Maldam
Artist Name Centigradz
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 79

Dm                      C       
Ran wan mal dam sonda gotha ma athin
Dm                  C
Gena nil waralesa heda dama sithin 
Dm                   C
Man math karana mudu sinaha mal sarin
Am           Dm
Senasennam sondura numba mage //

Dm               Gm        C         Dm
Oya muthu pahase dewetenne mage jeewithe
Dm               Gm         C     Dm
Sanda kiranakwa sanasanna mage adare
Dm             Am              C      Dm
Mata pawasanna oye nethange rendi aadare
Dm    Am                    C          Dm
Mage hitha thama numba gawa rendila thibe 

Dm           C     C            Dm
[Thru da hard times i love u so much] ////
Dm  Bb  C   Am   C    Am  C  Dm
Ha .... ...... ......... .........

Dm                      Bb
Thurulata regena adaren sibimin 
         C                         Am
Hegumaka pahaya numbe dethole thabamin
         C                     Am
Himihita lameda matha husma thabamin 
           C                  Dm
Senehasa pathami numbe dehene rendemin 
Dm                      Bb
Thurulata regena adaren sibimin 
         C                         Am
Hegumaka pahaya numbe dethole thabamin
         C                    Am
Yahaneka sathapawa sihina dakimin
         C                     Dm
Miyedunu sandaka numba pathami snehen

Dm     Gm    C     Dm //
Ruu ruu........ ......... ........ .....
Dm     Am    C     Dm
Ruu ruu........ ......... ........ .....
Dm    Am     C     Dm
Ruu ruu........ ......... ........ .....

[Rap] Dm  C  Am

No imma take you back to the year 94

I was feelin like a paranaoid not before

Gona 456 in my studio

We dun wear 45s just to rock the show

U dun have to do drugs to be a rapster

Listen up yall befor tryin being ganster

U wanna kno how I do it so ligter

Ask for my goals like Manchester United

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