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Weralu Gedi Pahena Kale - Song Chords

Song Title Weralu Gedi Pahena Kale
Artist Name Chamara Ranawaka
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 177

|Fm| - | - | -  |
|Eb | - |Ab|Fm|
|Ab | - |Eb| -  |
|Eb | - |Fm| - |

Fm                                  Eb                 
Weralu gedi pehena kaale nuba benda aaale
Eb                    Fm
Punsada wagee bebaluna
Fm                             Eb                 
Rata del wetena kaale duka deela aye
Eb              Fm
Mage looke kaluwara una //

Fm                                       Ab                                     
Maa duwe gan iwura eai bora wela
Bbm                                         Eb         Fm                              
Numbe paya nethuwa heda para duk barawela //
Ab                                           Eb
Ganga aiyne api denna karamin katha
Eb                                  Fm                  
Mewu heena uhulannama thamaa

Fm                                                    Ab             
Weli kuuda goda demme numba gena sitha
Bbm                                    Eb     Fm                                             
Duk vinde sathutinne numba mage nisa //
Ab                                            Eb
Hemadama kem murata deviyan pudaaa
Eb                                      Fm
Illanne numba denna mama thaniunaa 

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