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Mage Panatath Wada - Song Chords

Song Title Mage Panatath Wada
Artist Name Chamara Ranawaka
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 88

|Am| - | G | -  | //
| F  | - | G | -  |
| F  | - |Am| -  |
|Am| G |Am| - |
|Am| G |Am| - |

Am                 G                 Am
Mage panath wada mama adarei
Am                    G                       Am
Oba thurulema parawechcha mal wagei
Dm                               G
Api ipadenne miya yanne oba thurulemai
G               Em       Am                    Em       Am
Sri lankawa amma mage sri lanka wa amma mage
[Verse 1]

Am              G                      Am
Uture thal pidenakota dakune raa enne
Am                   G                           Am
Shabda koshaye yuddaya wachanaya pus kanne
Dm                                              G
Duppath posath kam wenasak nehe kaleta wehi bere
G                                                Em                 Am              
Podi badaginnak wath mata den ne dan gedi wala saare
[Verse 2]

Am                   G                        Am
Kula mala agam jathi katha kaudo demme
Am                     G                 Am
Sinha kodiya yata kisi wenasak mata nee amme
Dm                                G
Kaala wisikara amba eta pelawela saarai bumi kare
G                                           Em          Am    
Miyadi poorak wennata ethnam adambarai ane

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