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Jandi Pahata Noandata - Song Chords

Song Title Jandi Pahata Noandata
Artist Name Chamara Ranawaka
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 122

|Em| - |Bm|D  |
| D | - |Em| -  |
| E | A | D | -  |
| B | D |B7|Em|

Jandi pahata noendata gedara chandi kam kalata
Em7           Am         D
Mage looke rajjuruwo umbai thatthe
Bm                                 D
Pani dingak thola geewata kadamandiye ela unata
C             D            C            Em
Mage loke rajjuruwo umbai thathe
D             Bm                       Em
Mage loke rajjuruwo umbai thathe
[Verse 1]

Ude reyin pita unama hendewata numba nawama
A                    D                     Em
Mokada manda me hati duka enawa
D              B                  D                B
Athin katin badu aragena gei padiyata oba enakota
Am            D                              Em
Mage hithe sinnakkara mal puudinawa
[Verse 2]

Hari sathutui mata umba gena mage atha paya dedi karagena
A               D                  Em
Eth madida heenen mage gena dodawanne
D                  B                 D                     B
Thamath salakanna beruwa umba duk widinawa bala bala
Am           D                              Em
Kanduluth naa merennamai mata hitha denne

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