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Mage Angili Thudaka Nogatee - Song Chords

Song Title Mage Angili Thudaka Nogatee
Artist Name Chamara Weerasinghe
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 121


Dm  F       
Dm  Gm      
F   Dm  F    
   Dm  F     
     F                  Gm      
mage angili thudaka nogatee
     F        Dm      F
pema piruwa hadawathin..
     Bb          F7       F       
mata sinaa senna kiyaa dennaa
Dm           F     Dm C#
kandulu dun nethin..       
kandulu dun nethin..

     F      Am           Dm    F          
Mage sihina walata thatu dee.. senehasin.. nn  nn..
oba kandulu thotaka thani veee
F             Gm  F
thanikama ithiri  kala
F                  Gm  F
mata thanikama ithiri  kala..

F     Am         Dm          F
ekama gangaka deure pipee..  aadaren...  nn  nn..
api gangata watemu para veee
F            Gm   F
hamuwanu nohaki   nisa 
F                 Gm   F 
apa hamu wanu nohaki   nisa...


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