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Sansaara Sihinaye - Song Chords

Song Title Sansaara Sihinaye
Artist Name Chamika Sirimanna
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 95

 Fm            Bbm    Eb    Fm
 Sansara sihinaye pem apsara numbai
    Eb           Ab       Bbm         Fm
 Me wasanthaya pura sitha obata pem karai
     Eb   Cm   Fm      Cm       Fm
 Man obata adarei mage adare numbai

 [Verse 1]
 Fm                  Eb          Cm
 Namalak wage sithum senehasin pire
 F      Bb         Bbm          Fm
 Adaren aran awith thurulu vannemi
 Fm                     Cm          Fm
 Sandapana oba weni nil ahase nalawuni
      Bbm         Fm         Cm      Eb    Fm
 Mage neth pura gelu anantha sathuta nim nathi

 [Verse 2]
 Fm                    Eb      Cm
 Ma oben pathu pathum adaren gena
 F        Bb         Bbm         Fm
 Rosa mal yahan gebe sihina tharuka
 Fm                   Cm              Fm
 Manamaala sitha pura dagakarakama thiya
     Bbm         Fm            Cm   Eb   Fm
 Oba ma langinma nathara wenna  adarei ki


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