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Sanda Hadu Didi - Song Chords

Song Title Sanda Hadu Didi
Artist Name Chandana Liyanarachchi
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 120

| Fm  | -  | Eb | -  |
| Bbm| -  |Ab/C#|Eb/Fm| 
| C#  | -  |   - | -  | 
|Csus | -  | -   |-   |
|Eb/Ab|Ab/C#|C#/Fm| +  | 

Fm                                   Ab             Bbm              
Sada hadu didi wala kulata seeda yahanathe
Eb                                C         Fm
Nil tharaka kumariyange prema wejethaye  //
Fm              Csus              
Nuba thama nididida 
Fm                        Eb               Ab             Csus
Nuba thama nidida kadupul mal Deewathawiyee
[Verse 1]

Ab             Bbm                Ab           Fm 
Mal malathi latha madulla nethu piya hedi
Ab                   Bbm              Ab             Fm                               
Mudu mal gebe yahan turulla brungainta dee
Bb                    Ab                  C             Fm          
Kata koninwath sina noweema deewatha nidi
[Verse 2]

Ab                Bbm          Ab          Fm 
Vill thale ridi rel negeewi rangane yedi
Ab                          Bbm         Ab              Fm                                        
Mudu manda haasa dee pipewi soduru kaw madi
Bb                      Ab             C                    Fm          
Mata thani mage hetha palui nuba thawama nidi

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