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Kiri Weherata Ihalin - Song Chords

Song Title Kiri Weherata Ihalin
Artist Name Chandana Liyanarachchi
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 154

| C  |Am | C   | -   |

| C  | F   | C   | Em|

| G  | -   | Dm| -   |

| Dm|G/C|


C                   Am            Em              Dm 

Kiri weherata ihalin dangakarana sandawathi

G                                                  C

Wedasiti kandata oya atha wenuwa den athei

C                  F                      Dm          C

Menik ganga digata pem kavi perei mihirethi

G                     Dm                G                 C

Ada mage wela ma langa navathinna sandawathi 

[Verse 1]

C                   Em                Am            C

Thurupath his mudunin seth pathi nemi nemi

 C                Em              Am               C

Siyapth siya dahasak mal pepei suwandethi

 F                    Dm          Bb             C

Thissema sitha durayai esdekata nidi nethi

C                       Dm              G                   C

Ada mageth ekka mage gedara yamuda sandawathi

[Verse 2]

C                        Em                Am              C

Mal pahan pelata aduwak nethi kandulu vehi dedi

C                        Em                 Am            C

Sith nirantharawa oya pas maha belum belu heti

 F                           Dm            Bb          C

Sathara varigayama nethuwath apata api athi

C                     Dm              G                   C

Ada mage wela mage gedara yamuda sandawathi


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