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Muwa Hasareli - Song Chords

Song Title Muwa Hasareli
Artist Name Clarence Wijewardhana
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 101
  A    A7  D 
    E    A 
  D  E  A   

 A                    A7            D
 Muwa hasarali sagare muthu valak vela
                    E            A
 Neth ambare payala taru dekak wela
                    A7            D
 Dedunnaka sagawala dethol rasa kala
               E                        A
 Oba mage mulu jeewithayama ragahalak kala

[Verse 1]
 A                          E
 Sanda vimane visithuru pavasa
 Neth eliye thoruturu vimasa
 Piya wadane saluwada dawata
                       A    G
 Sanasille unusuma gawasa...a...
 D                     A
 Oba nalavannum  mama oba sanasunnum //
              D       E          A
 Nomiyanasulu adaraya katha kiyannam

[Verse 2]
 A                         E 
 Sanda madale somiguna mawala
 Pinibiduwaka sihilasa othala
 Mal kemiyaka madurasa soyala
                          A    G 
 Sal aranaka pavanali niwala...a...
 D                    A
 Oba nalavannum  mama oba sanasunnum //
              D       E          A
 Nomiyanasulu adaraya katha kiyannam


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