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Prarthana - Song Chords

Song Title Prarthana
Artist Name Daddy
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 106


[Verse 1]

A         C#m  Cm
piyaba eh akase
Bm      D 
wihida dathe
A		     C#m   Cm
dewu lo thale wayana geethe
Bm           E
seuwa me lokaye
C#m       D
geethayen weli
C#m    D
kalman nethe
C#m	     D   E
pem suwe widi

D      A          C#m           F#m
maa..... jeewithe pathu adaren dinu
D      A           E                 D	
raa..... tharuka lese pahan we loke mage
D       A             C#m              F#m
gaa.....yana sagare wage desawan kithi kawe
D      A	              E
waA.....dana dethin igi kele
[Verse 2]

A   	     C#m      Cm 
padawa thule eh geethe  
Bm            D
pawasai katha jeewe
A                 C#m        Cm  
dun ridmayai hada panaganwuye
Bm              E
sanasuma lan wuye
C#m       D
geethayen weli
C#m    D
kalman nethe
C#m 	 D    E
pem suwe widi

[Guitar Solo]

 D       A      
C#m     F#m     
 D       A      
C#m      E      

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