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Bolada Nisa - Song Chords

Song Title Bolada Nisa
Artist Name Daddy
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 100


 Gm   C   F   Dm   Gm   C7   F 

F      Dm          Gm   C        F  C#BbmC7F7
Magena obawath hithuwado nowaradawa..
        Dm        Gm              C     F
Nethido mata himi landa thawamath ipadeela
A                      C#m              Dm  C Bb                   
 Mage hema mithuran pemwathiyan ha ekweela..
       Am           Gm           C7        F Dm Gm
Kam na kiyanna oba, akamethi man bolanda nisa
       C          Bb           C          F
Kam na kiyanna oba akamethi man bolanda nisa
 C#   Bbm   C7   F   C#   Bbm   C7  
[Verse 1]

C#               F
Ma hata denena e adaraye henguman
Bbm                   F 
 Ai oba hata nodenune hengumaka e unusum
Cm                   C#
Kohomada oba sithuwe adare mata dura ai
C         C7        Bbm          C       F
Me matath denenawa adare thiyena sundara kam
 C#   Bbm   C7   F   C#   Bbm   C7  
[Verse 2]

C#                 F7
Mithuran athare ma ada thaniwi sitiyath
Bbm                  F
Obage mathakaya mata karana e ochcham
Cm                 C#
Katath nodeni hengumaka siriwi thaniyen
C       C7          Bbm         C       F
Rahasin galana kandulaka athi e sundara kam
 C#   Bbm   C7   F   C#   Bbm   C7  


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