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Nathi Bari Kam - Song Chords

Song Title Nathi Bari Kam
Artist Name Damith Asanka
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 409

|Dm| - |Gm| - | //
|Dm| +| +  | +|

Dm                          Gm       A7   Dm                    Gm      A7
Nathi beri kam mage dasin hanga senehasa dun mageee amma
Dm                        Gm             A7    Dm                          Gm      A7
Heki mpamanin oba dan dunna hinda hema mohothe mata haiyak una
A                                                      Gm            A7      Dm
Oba watinawa maha mera taram mata mage rattharan amme
Dm                                                                 Gm
Hema sansare oba hamuweewa magema amma wela

|Dm| A|Gm|Dm| //
|Gm| - | C  |Dm|
|Gm| - |A7 |Dm|
[Verse 1]

Dm                                      Gm          C                          Dm
Dana gaana podi kaale turule howa ma obe ninda sangawa dama
Dm                                        Gm   C                             Dm
Doi doi kiya mawa nidi keruwa thale mage heene kavikay kala
Dm                                                                 Gm
Hema sansare oba hamuweewa magema amma wela
[Verse 2]

Dm                                          Gm         C                              Dm
Hitha haiya ethi taruna minihek unath ma mage gawa oba newathila
Dm                                              Gm      C                          Dm
Oba anala mata kawana bath kata rasaine me loke hematath wada
Dm                                                                 Gm
Hema sansare oba hamuweewa magema amma wela

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