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Aju Thapara Lahila - Song Chords

Song Title Aju Thapara Lahila
Artist Name Deepika Priyadarshani
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 90

[Intro / Inter]
 [ G  C    G 
   G    D  G ]

 [Verse 1]
 Maha merak lesata hithe upan barata 
 Anda doda pala nolabana hinda
 Uda lahiru vilasa ebi hindimu lowata
            D7          G
 Sina malak muwa addara randa //

[Verse 2]
 G                       D
 Vidu nenayen abisek labaminne
                  D7           G
 Handa mathu pita piyavara esa wenne
 Apa pamanada eka thena kerakenne
               D7          G
 Apa thanikara lokaya diva yanne

 G           C                    G
 Aju thapara lahila beeji thapara lahila
                           D           G
 Aju thapara beeji thapara bisku bisku lahila //

 [Verse 3]
G                        D
 Ape hadata sathutak musu ve nam
            D7            G
 Ape dukata susumak mathu ve nam
 Ape hithata diriyak leba de nam
           D7          G
 Eda apata pera maga sudanam

 G           C                    G
 Aju thapara lahila beeji thapara lahila
                           D           G
 Aju thapara beeji thapara bisku bisku lahila ///..

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