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Adarei Katawath - Song Chords

Song Title Adarei Katawath
Artist Name Dimanka Wellalage
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 141

|Cm| - |Ab | -  |
|Bb | - |Fm|Bb |
|Cm| - | + | + |

Cm                                      Bb
Adarey katawath nathi taram kiya
Bb                         Gm          Cm
Oya wage ayemath kiyannath epa
Cm                                                    Bb
Mee taram lan unath wena kenekugen oya aaa
Bb                    Gm            Cm
Man wage adare hoyannath epa
Cm         Fm              Bb           Eb
Eda kee katha thewe duka hirawela
Ab                Bb               Gm              Cm
Katha wenne aei api gena wenadatath wada

|Cm| - | - | -   |
|Cm| - |Bb| -   |
|Bb | - | -  | -   |
|Gm| - |Cm| -  |
|Cm| - |Bb | -  |
|Gm| - |Cm| -  |
[Verse 1]

Cm                                          Fm
Duka danna as deke pema hangalaa
Bb                                                Ab           G
Rawatannata hithuwema aei mage turulata wela aaaaaaa
Cm  Bb                                 Eb       
Man innata nam baa kiwwata oya
Cm               Fm            Bb         Cm
Boru mewwe hithakindo husmata hora
[Verse 2]

Cm                                          Fm
Widawanna baa tawanam magemai kiya
Bb                              Ab         G
Mata thama oya wage kauruth epa aaaaaaaa
Cm         Bb                                Eb       
Yali enna ehewwata ewidin ayeth oya
Cm              Fm          Bb          Cm
Tawa denna adare naa ithuruth wela

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