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Aye Nam Enne Na - Song Chords

Song Title Aye Nam Enne Na
Artist Name Dinesh Tharanga
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 203

|Am| - | E  | - |
| F  | - | G  |-  |
|Dm| F | G  | - |
| F  | G |Am| - |

Am                F      G                   Am
Ayenam enne naaa langin idagena pem karapu
C              G      C                           G
Kale ayeth enne naa ayenam kiyanu baaa
F                   E               C      F     Dm        Em     Am
Obata man pana wage adarei eeeee ayenam kiyanu baa
[Verse 1]

Dm                  Em                        Am  C                          G
Mataka sittham tawama sitha thula aaa numbawa siththam karanawa
C                   Dm                F             G               Am
Mihiri matake sihina adatath numbawa mage nethu soyanawa
F                                C           Em7            Am
Numbawa mage nethu uuuuuuu  wuuuu soyanawa
[Verse 2]

Dm                 Em                 Am  C                            G
Dasa handawa dukak dunnada aaa mama numbata kisi dakawath
C                  Dm               F              G          Am
Aya dawasak imuda lanwee miyennata pera adaren
F                      C             Em7     Am
Miyennata pera aa aa aaaaaaaa adaren

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