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Mathake Hasarel - Song Chords

Song Title Mathake Hasarel
Artist Name Dushyanth Weeraman
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 174

[Verse 1]

Bbm               Ab   F            Bbm
Kiyannata beri tharam, obata adarei man
  Bbm             Ab        F            Bbm
Darannata beri tharam, duka wawannata ba den
    C#              Ab                      Bbm
Oba ai kuriru me tharam, sithak nethi kenek men
   C#          Ab                  Bbm
Ma helana me susum, obata denenawa nam
              Ab         F            Bbm
Ma soya yali awith, sipa gannako ma dethol


     Bbm         F#
Mathake hasarel, negen reye
Ab                 F
Denethin kandulel gala giye
Bbm             F#
Jeewithaye rasa denena wiye
F             Bbm
Oba ma herada aida giye

[Verse 2]

    Bbm         Ab      F            Bbm
Oba ai ansathu une, oba ai ma hera giye
   Bbm         Ab      F             Bbm
Poojaniyai aadare, oba eya nodani priye
     C#             Ab        Fm          Bbm
Diwi athi thek me mage, obata pamanai aadare
   Bbm           Ab       F            Bbm
Ma hada pathule obe, ruwa sada andi thibe

     Bbm          F#
Hithakin nowa oba dama giye
Ab               F
Obagena sihi wei hema mohothe
Bbm               F#
Duka pamanai mata uruma une
F             Bbm
Samawenna kumaraneni

Bbm            F#
Oba ha ma yali hamu we nam
Ab               F
Jeewithayama oba hata dennam
Bbm           F#
Obage susuman thula gili hi
F             Bbm
Obage thurule miya yannam

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