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Sihina Ahase Wasanthe - Song Chords

Song Title Sihina Ahase Wasanthe
Artist Name HR Jothipala
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 170
 G  D  C  Bm  
 Am G      

 G      Am 
   G  D  G  
 G      Am 
   G  D7 G  

 G  Em  D7  G 

 G                 Am         G      D        G
 Sihina ahase wasanthe, thaaraka mal   hine huna
 G                  Am        G         D   G
 Ranchu geasila kurullo, kohe   piyamba giyawe
 G         D                    G
 Thuruliya gomuwe, math bingu sena
          A    D         G
 Ron rasa illa..  mal hangum

 [Inter 12]
 G    D  
 D  D7 G  
   G7 C  C7
 G  D7 G   

 G  Em  D7  G 

 [Verse 1]
 G               Em
 Sihilel pawane, gee handa wisiri
 G         G7        C
 Mathakaya aeatha rande, geethika ewan lowe
 Bm                    D
 Maa namin adath aese, bingu nada paawe
 G                 Em     G
 Oya handa waage , sawane rawde....

 [Verse 2]
 G                Em
 Maga eli mawana, taru kan obe we, 
 G         G7       C
 thaniwunu kathara ime, ma hade hiruth obai
 Bm                    D
 Ma hade sanduth obai, dewiyan oba we 
 G                Em     G
 Puda demi semada Mahada pranaame

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