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Sal Sapuna - Song Chords

Song Title Sal Sapuna
Artist Name HR Jothipala
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 125

Gm    F     
Eb    Gm    

Gm          Eb         F            Gm
Sal sapuna, nil manel, kumudu saman mal athare //
F7        Gm  Cm     F       D      Gm
Kidaran male,   pawa suwanda diga here //
[Verse 1]

Gm                    D        Bb    Eb    Gm
Palingu ruwan, mini muthu men, pahan dilenawa
Gm            F#aug        Bb     Eb    Gm
Ebandu pahan, anduru wiman, pahan karanawa...
Cm          Bb         F     D7   Gm
Weli thale, sengawila, yatin edenawa...
Cm         Bb          F       D     Gm
Eya hengi, netha mage, kandulu salanawa...
[Verse 2]

Gm               D     Bb      Eb      Gm
Weenawen dilindu athin, mihiri swara weye
Gm            F#aug     Bb   Eb    Gm 
Supem hengum, upaddawai dugi uwa laye
Cm         Bb         F    D7     Gm
Kalu wala, wala pawa, ridi iri thiye
Cm         Bb         F     D      Gm
Kimada me, miya daham amathakawa giye

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