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Nidi Nethi Ra Yame - Song Chords

Song Title Nidi Nethi Ra Yame
Artist Name HR Jothipala
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 130

[ F         Dm  
  Bb     C   F  
  F           ]
 F   Dm       
 F   Dm  F     
 F   Dm       
 F   Dm  C   F  

F                Dm   F             Dm
Nidi nethi rea yame,  Seethe seethe seethe
F              Dm   F             Dm
Sumiyuru ea maage,  geethe geethe geethe
F          Bb                C
Sawan senasewa, raawa pethirewa
F          Bb                C
Sewoma thutu wewa, waasana wewa

 F   Dm       
 F   Dm  C   F  
 F         C  
 C         Dm 
 F         C  
 C         Dm 
[1st Verse]

Dm                                              Am
Gee potha maa sathu wewi, lowa gee raja dahanak wewi
[ F      C     
  C         Dm ]
Dm                                         C
Meewitha piri ithirewi, Oba ea mihiren nelawewi
sithata kondura obata kiyana
F               Dm   C7
Rahasa geeya thama.. a...  
[2nd Verse]

Dm                                            Am
paaluwa eathata paawee, hada so gini del pethirewi
[ F      C     
  C         Dm ]
Dm                                         C
me lesa kaalaya yavee ada rea rasa wee eli wewi
adata thibena hetata lebena
F               Dm   C7
sathuta geeya thama.. a...  

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