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Mage Mathake Obe - Song Chords

Song Title Mage Mathake Obe
Artist Name HR Jothipala
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 203


     A                  D
Mage mathake obe ruwa ande
       E       E7        A
Suhada ma jeewithe oba sathui
            A7         D
Obe suwanda manamath karai
E                 A
Oba ma hade sarisarai //



[Verse 1]

      A                D
Aetha epitin ude asena pem geethayai
       E                              A//E/D/A
Seetha sandapana kiri sayura kalatha ewai
Mahada kawlu dorin enna suhade oya
     E                         A
Jeewithe adaren inna mata lanwela
Mage mathake obe...//



[Verse 2]

       A                     D
Seetha sulangak hama pathuwa pathuman gena
      E                              A//E/D/A
Aetha bawaye patan pathuma lesa lankala
Olu manel pipi suwanda pini ha weli
        E                          A
Sondura oya muhuna mihidum selen wasi
Mage mathake obe...//

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