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Hada Viman Thana - Song Chords

Song Title Hada Viman Thana
Artist Name HR Jothipala
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 174

Hada wiman dorin , ena pathum pawan
Fm           C#   Bbm
Wihida yai hama, piyambana kalpana
Eb        Ab
Rase de ama
Mal uyan kohin wil gangul madin
Fm          Db   Bbm
Sugandaya gala.. ekathu wee kithi kewi
Eb         Ab
Rendei ekwela
[Verse 1]

Ab        Fm          Ab           C#
Saagaraye sisil weal, nagi nagi binde
Bbm      Eb                      Ab
Aadaraye supem kean dili dili neage
Ab     Fm         Ab            C#
Aakase sande lapa neatha maki giye
Bbm      Eb                    Ab
Aadaraye puraane sitha wadi thiye
Ab      Eb         Ab    Eb   Ab
Udawu wasanthe , sadakal randewa
[Verse 2]

Ab         Fm        Ab        C#
Mee wadaye gum nadin mathwela imi
Bbm        Eb                  Ab
Gee thaune wadan wal lesa wadi emi
Ab          Fm        Ab         C#
Lo thalaye aluth pem, kathawak liya
Bbm        Eb                  Ab
Paa karamu sunil wan walawak soya
Ab      Eb         Ab    Eb   Ab
Udawu wasanthe , sadakal randewa 

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