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Mage Daru Petaw - Song Chords

Song Title Mage Daru Petaw
Artist Name Asanka Priyamantha Peiris
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 228

[Intro / Inter]
 Fm     Cm  Fm
 Fm     Cm  Fm
 Ab  Fm  Cm  
 Cm  Eb  Cm  Fm
 Fm  Ab  Fm 

 Mage daru pataw ahasata 
 deatha digu karan 
 Amma ei kiya gamatama
    Eb            Fm
 Handa thalai weren
 Sinnawana idama mata
 Goda ganna bea ithing
 Yanna numba giya ugasata 
   Eb        Fm
 Daru sene aran

 [Verse 1]
 Fm          Cm
 Ahela mal pipunu 
          Ab         Fm
 dewetedi Hamuwela eda
 Dunnu baha nisa numbatath
 Eb            Fm
 Duka uruma una

 Cm    Fm  

 Eb          Cm
 Ahas yanthare ge peala 
   Ab        Cm
 Pasukaran giya
 Punchi un andai
      Eb           Fm
 Amma besse nea kiya 

 [Verse 2]
 Fm           Cm
 Kanna bea kiyai bath guli
   Ab        Fm
 Loku wedi kiyai
 Ninda nea kiyai mage kawi
 Eb          Fm
 Thale nea kiyai

 Cm    Fm  
 Eb           Cm
 Matath ninda nea sitha
        Ab             Cm
 Numba geanama gathu kiyai
 Handana sitha niwana mal
       Eb               Fm
 Peani nethiwa beari headai

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