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Sweety Manika - Song Chords

Song Title Sweety Manika
Artist Name Iraj Weerarathne
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 117
|G   |Am  |C  |D  |
|Em  |Am  |C  |D  |

G                                Am          
Kalu naughty kella sweety manika maage
    C                  D
Man onna awa umma umma oni //

[|G   |Am  |C  |D  |]

[Verse 1]
G                 F
Numba nethi deepe rasa na none
Cm                G
THurulata penapan maage
G              F
Papuwama maage gindara wage
Cm                G
Man hari handsome none
Dm           Cm
Romeo juliet waage
Api denna.. ahh...
F             Eb
MAe kalu kelle aadare dalle
D                       D7
Umba mage panamai hithuna

G              Am 
Mal mada haase uthurai dase
C             D
Loketa rahase indapan pahase //

Ahh ko kiss aurudu
Me miss athe no mudu
Enawada mage langata wasthu
Handahan balala hadamu poru
ikibichi mahatha pittu
Saree andan dala walalu
Shirty manika natanawa ban
Atha allala dunna thoththu

[Verse 2]
Gm                           F
Anguuru walata langama paata kalu lu
Ita wada mage manika sudulu
Gm                        Bb
Matama kepena hotma paata thalelu
Kiyanne man wiridu..

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