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Hudakala Viramayedi - Song Chords

Song Title Hudakala Viramayedi
Artist Name Asanka Priyamantha Peiris
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 165

Gm        F   

F/EbF/GmEb  Gm  

Gm     Cm  F   
Cm  F   Gm  Eb  
C7  Gm  


Gm                 Eb        Gm
Hudekala wiramayai hari nisansalai
F            Dm          C         Gm
Punchi muwaththiyak wage oba ahinsakai
Gm             Bb          Cm       F
Laya thurulata thurlu wewi aadare kiyai
           Dm            C         Gm
E aadare labanna pinethi pemwatha mamai

[Verse 1]

Gm                            F
Kawi mumunana rathu tholpethi hari hengum barai
            Bb          Gm
E tholpethi sipagannata hitha hari bayai
Gm             Bb            Cm      Am
Mal pethi weni sinidu dethol rideido sekai
F            Dm          C            Gm
Ehema wunoth oba welapei hithata hari dukai

Gm  Eb  C7  Gm  

[Verse 2]

Gm                        F
daaspethiya mal suwandata hitha ibe adei
             Bb        Gm
Hinehena obe das agata kandulu bindu negei
Gm          Bb          Cm       Am
Hurathaleta keewa katha aadare genei
F             Dm           C         Gm
Ethakota mage hurathaleege muwa sina pirei

Gm  Eb  C7  Gm  

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