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Sagawanna Epa - Song Chords

Song Title Sagawanna Epa
Artist Name Karunarathna Divulgane
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 800
  Dm   Gm   
  F  Dm  EbGm  

 Gm         F       Gm
 Saga wanna epa hasarel 
 dal wanna epa ginidal
 obama kere sitha 
 badunu dine sita
          Dm     Gm
 magema hage oba nam

 [Verse 2]
      F       Dm    Gm
 sada eliya wage avidin 
      F       Dm         Gm
 hada nopathu dinaka rahasin 
      Gm                 Eb
 basa noyan mathitha ahasin
      F          Dm      Gm
 Atha powanu nohaki durakin 

  F  Dm  Eb  Gm 

 [Verse 2]
      F      Dm       Gm
 sili siliya pawa sulagin 
       F       Dm     Gm
 thani makuwa obe suwadin 
       Gm               Eb
 mee diviya athara magakin 
    F          Dm       Gm
 ma nathara nokata hinahen

  F  Dm  Eb  Gm 

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