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Rosa Thol - Song Chords

Song Title Rosa Thol
Artist Name Karunarathna Divulgane
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 160

C/Em  Am    Em   F     
G/Am  G7/C  G7   C     
C     G     F/C  D/G7  
C/G7  C     


C            Am
Rosa thol simbimi
           C                F
Thol matha kandulu bindu rendei
    G   F    C     F
Oba aadare kiya dunneth 
C   G7    C
E wage thamai
C    Em      Am
Me reyayi sandai hariyata 
Em          F
E numbai mamai 
D          G              G7         C
Heenayak wagey mage hitha paarawai ridei

[Verse 1]

Piccha mal pipee yahane
G       F    G
Suwanda ma dawai
G          F     
Ekwa kee katha deswana
G        C
Don kara dei
Numba unnu thena hade thaamath
G      F    G
Harima unusumai
   D          G  
Iwasanna beri thawama umbage 
G7        C
Wenwa yamamai

[Verse 2]

Andura ikigasai susumin
G       F    G
tharu niwa damai
G                F    
Sonduru numba langin nathiwath
G            C
Hithata unusumai
Kanulu bindu negi indahita
G        F    G
nethata athawanai
D          G
Sinasemi namuth me unu
G7             C
Kandulu mage nowei

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