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Sanda Ona - Song Chords

Song Title Sanda Ona
Artist Name Kasun Kalhara
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 130


 [Verse 1]
 Gm                                             D
 Sanda ona nura thol pethi athi seethala sanda ona
 Hitha ona ura mal pethi athi ru hitha mata ona
     Cm           Gm      D                Gm
 Ara pena athin paya arumosam panil sanda ona
       Cm           Gm      D
 Athin pena ahase paya arumosam pa

   Gm       Cm          D                    Gm
 Masha soya dama noya bala hindi me deneth widala //

 [Verse 2]
 Gm      D                                   Gm
 Dedunne na sayam ga mayam na thamath kageda na 
        D                                           Gm
 E mune ga wathsunu na thawara na kiduratath vagema na
     Cm              Gm             D            Gm 
 Navathala hitha vimasala tharu igi pala a mata ona
       Cm               Gm             D
 A navathala tharu ingi pala hitha vimasala

 [Verse 3]
 D                                Gm
 A veena ra ona na thamath a dura na
       D                                     Gm      
 Akase ra thanam na ahuranna thamath a langa na
      Cm           Gm             D           Gm
 kondurala rahasin kiwa thawa lan veela sipaganona
        Cm           Gm          D
 a kondurala rahasin keewa thawa lan weela

 [Verse 4]
 Gm                                       D
 Masha wenada men rathu thol pethi danune na
 Salune na wenadamen oya nathagana salune na
    Cm          Gm         D              Gm
 Ahase na sitijime na neth maane na ayeth enne na
       Cm           Gm         D 
 Ra ahase na sitijaime na neth maane na

  Gm            Cm        D                   Gm
 Masha soya siyathun pawa ohe giya piyapath widala //


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