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Sanda Eliya - Song Chords

Song Title Sanda Eliya
Artist Name Kasun Kalhara
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 115

|Cm| - |Bb| - | ///////
[Verse 1]

Cm               Bb      Cm                    Bb
Me eee rhatri yaame susuman nidana seethe
Cm                 Bb     Cm                 Bb
Thaniwee andakaare pathana unuhumai

Cm     Ab      Bb       
Eliyak sanda nisa hedenu dakinemi
Cm         Ab   Bb       
Kaluwan wala paradana
Cm    Ab            Bb       
Sulangak magin thuru maga bala
Cm         Ab        Bb       
Sandata denetha hamuwana
 [Verse 2]

Cm                Bb      Eb                    Bb
Eeee sonduru seethe maa pathana looke
Fm7                        Bb                   Cm
Kelesa maaaa soyamdoo sandawatheeee
[Verse 3]

Cm         Bb          Cm                Bb
Mee nil jalase kusumak soyana daase
Cm                     Bb  Cm                   Bb
Nidina kandulu athare pathana senasumai
[Chorus 2]

Cm           Ab      Bb       
Tawamath wilaka ron rasa soya yana
Cm       Ab     Bb       
Me numbama windawana
Cm            Ab       Bb        
Mahumuth bindunu numbe watha hamuwuna
Cm         Ab        Bb       
Ira gena pathum peedena
[Verse 4]

Cm             Bb      Eb                    Bb
Mee anduru yaame maa semata rahase
Fm7                     Bb                     C
Adenmi meee sith male noiwasume aaaa
[End Inter]

|C#m| - | B | - |
| A    | - | B | - |

C#m      A        B                   C#m      A     B
Ahasath kan howa ahanamuth awathen eliya sengawana
C#m        A       B                   C#m      A     B           C#m
Sulangak awesi viyogayk nowa sulak mawana kelesa ma aaa

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